Merch 101 Introduction

Merch 101 Introduction

Welcome to Merch 101! 

You may be wondering what this little section of my site is all about. Well, I wanted to take time to help fellow artists striving to build their small businesses! I started my artistic journey over a decade ago working on comic books, handmaking bath bombs, and selling my paintings at local art markets. I had to go through many years of trials and errors to have a semblance of success. Back when I started, there wasn't a ton of resources available to help guide anyone on how to capitalize on your art, get into markets/artist alleys, or even how to start a small business online! 

That's where this little blog comes in! I'm a HUGE advocate for artists supporting artists and think there is truly space for all of us to thrive together. There's no gatekeeping and only girlbossing here! I plan to share my experiences to hopefully inspire, educate, and motivate new and upcoming artists to thrive~ 

Throughout this blog we'll explore manufacturing, marketing, building a business, and more! I refuse to put a paywall in front of this information because I remember vividly how hard it was to grow and want to see my fellow creators blossom. I'm open to ideas on what YOU would like to learn and explore, and I'm always happy to help. While I explore my experiences, please keep in mind that they are just that; my experiences. I may share my positive experience with a specific manufacturer or how I do things behind the scenes and it may work well for me- but may not be the best fit for you. And that's okay! The goal is to streamline information so that you have a starting point and an idea of where to begin. 

So how about it? Let's go on an adventure! 

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