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Casual Ita Backpack - Baby Blue

Casual Ita Backpack - Baby Blue

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Bag Details:

Size - about 12" height x 11.5" width x 6" depth
Material - Faux leather/ Polyester interior lining/ Gold plated hardware
Hardware - There are gold star shaped zippers on the exterior of the bag. The interior pocket and front windowed pocket have classic zippers. The bottom of the bag features metal "feet" to help prevent any damage to the bag when placing it down and keeping it durable.
Capacity - About 25lbs. Can be work as a backpack or crossbody.
Pockets - Bag features five zippered pockets, two interior pockets, and two side pockets. Zippered pockets are- front window display, medium front pocket, large main pocket, small pocket inside large main pocket, secret personal pocket on the back of the bag. There are two interior non-zip pockets in the large main pocket. The two side pockets on the bag are large enough to hold an average sized water bottle or small flask. Please keep in mind that the pockets are pretty tight to maintain the appearance of the bag!
Straps: 2 Adjustable straps included to attach on the back or side of the bag. Can be adjusted in length from 19" - 40"

*Insert of matching color is included. Insert measures 5.5" x 9.25" IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE LOCKING BACKS OR METAL PIN BACKINGS FOR YOUR PINS ON THE INSERT

**Misc- Faux Leather is water-resistant but not water-proof. Can be worn out into light rain, but just be mindful not to soak the bag!
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