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How long until my order is shipped?

I typically mail orders out within 1-5 business days! I try my best to get it to you as soon as possible. I am a one person operation here, so when large releases happen or there are delays/holidays, there might be a slight delay in shipping time! Thank you for understanding ♥

What shipping service do you use?

USPS Priority Mail

Help! My order hasn't arrived/ says it's delivered but I don't see it!

Please contact your local post office first!

Once the package leaves my hands and is in USPS's possession, I no longer have any control over the package. I provide tracking on all orders, so please follow the progress there!

Sometimes, USPS will scan a package as "delivered" in advance. Please allow a few business days to pass or check with your local post office to see if your package is still in route.

If a package is returned to me due to an incorrect address, I can resend it as long as the customer covers the return shipping fee.

I sent an email, when can I expect a reply?

I try to respond to emails within 1-3 business days. This may vary around holidays or if I'm at a convention. I'm a one person operation here, and appreciate your patience and kindness!

What is a "Pre-order"?

When you pre-order a design, that means that you're helping to fund the production of the item! This is beneficial to both me and you, because pre-orders will ALWAYS be steeply discounted!

Pre-orders can take a few months to arrive - though typically they arrive much sooner. Each pre-order listing will clearly state in the title if it is a pre-order item!

Pre-order wait times will ALWAYS be laid out in the listing description! It will say something akin to " This item is expected to arrive around mid (enter month here) to late (enter month here)" 

If you want an update on your pre-order status, please see the item listing first! We do not offer individual updates on pre-orders - to get a specific update about a wait time, just send us an email. SLY is happy to give you an update about your specific pre-order if you reach out. Please also check all socials for general store updates!

Please note that pre-order pricing is NOT available after pre-orders are held! 

Important note: not ALL pre-orders will reach the necessary funding to be produced. It's possible that if not enough people pre-order, designs will be archived and/or reworked! This has only happened to a few designs and is not frequent, but it is a possibility to be aware of! If you really want to see a design get made, make sure you share it around! 

I forgot to add my coupon, can you add it?

No. Coupons cannot be retroactively added to an order. We also do not allow "add-ons" to orders that have an applied coupon/sale after the coupon/sale window.

If I make multiple orders, can you combine shipping?

Yes, of course! Please EMAIL ME (slybonsaishop.cs@gmail.com) to have this done! 

In some cases, it won't be possible to combine shipping - These cases are rare though, and typically we can combine orders just fine! We'll also refund any extra shipping charges. 

An item I want is out of stock! When will it be back in stock?

If an item is LE it will not be restocked. However, I reserve the right to consider a restock of an LE item if they are at high demand. Typically, this will be done in a different color/version to retain the original LE value. Preorders will also help determine restock quantities.

“Last chance” designs will not get restocked. So get it while you can! I will announce preorder/restock date/times and low-stock listings via IG @Slybonsai

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes I do! My work is featured in several physical locations across the U.S.

If you are interested in wholesale, please contact me directly via email at either address;


Do you take commissions?

Yes I do! Please check out the Commission tab on my site!

You can also follow @BonBoof on Twitter to check for availability. Commission work can be streamed on Twitch or opted out if you'd prefer the commission to stay private.

If you have any other inquiries about commissions and work, please email me at slybonsaishop.cs@gmail.com

I need help with an order, how do I reach you?

Please use the contact form on this site or email me at slybonsaishop.cs@gmail.com

Website Artist Credits

I love supporting artists! Here are some of the awesome artists I've worked with that have created art for me!

  • Front Page/ Pin Club Promo Bonzai: @GOMA_yammy
  • Bonzai emotes: @MiyamiShiromi1
  • Events Page Bonzai: @starpyrate
  • Streaming Page Bonzai: @UwUAmaryllis